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Chairman's Message

Lai Yiu Wah

Chairman's Message

Over the years, Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited (“TIEG”) has developed itself into a leading manufacturer of industrial electronics with continuous growth in markets and sales. The successful listing on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 23 November 2017 marked a new beginning for our Group. In particular, the listing status presents us with more opportunities than we would ever have imagined.

Within the concept of the new economy (or smart world economy), the global market for smart battery chargers and smart city systems is rapidly growing, buoyed by innovative technologies and general demand around the world. We are well positioned to tap into these markets given our established market networks, know how and capabilities in manufacturing power electronics products for use in these smart battery chargers and systems.

As a leading player in industrial electronics, we pride ourselves on our distinguished manufacturing capabilities thanks to our proprietary T-MICS manufacturing execution system which enables real time data collection and meticulous production planning and monitoring. The concept of “smart factory” as promoted by Germany under the commonly known name of “Industrie 4.0” is our solid target. With our continuous pursuit to achieve this world-class operational excellence, we are confident that we will be among the first few electronics manufacturers in Hong Kong to achieve Industrie 4.0 accreditation.

In terms of business development, our traditional markets in Europe and North America have continued to be strong. To further strengthen our presence in Europe, we have decided to expand our operations and open new offices in Ireland, France and Germany. Moreover, the office in Dublin, Ireland has been designated as the regional headquarters for the European operations to benefit from the low tax rate, excellent scientific, technological, financial, legal and professional infrastructure there.

The Board has, under our new brand driver “Powering the eWorld”, clear visions and confidence to lead the Group to another milestone, a stage where our people will share pride and rewards while maintain harmonious relationships with our networks. We are dedicated and committed to bring sustainable rewards to our shareholders and stakeholders.

May I quote a famous saying of Winston Churchill: “those who never change their mind never change anything”. Let’s go for the challenges in the new smart world!

Lai Yiu Wah
31 May 2018