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Chairman's Message

Lai Yiu Wah

Chairman's Message

The Coronavirus epidemic is still hanging around in most countries and territories although various COVID-19 vaccines have come into place for wide-scale injection since December 2020. The world has seen the dawn of rejuvenation despite the recovery of the global or regional economy is still uncertain.

Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited (“Trio Group”) is now operating in Asia and Europe with 3 locations in each continent. We have strategically positioned ourselves to deepen internationalization of activities to meet global customers’ demands, procurement and manufacturing. We have established a “same time zone” mentality for East and West executives to ensure intact communications in order to more efficiently and effectively handle our business. A wider application of digitalized facilities has also been utilized around the world. In summary, the management is confident to stay on the globalization express train to go along with our customers, suppliers and others to further advance our presence and growth.

Looking forward, the industrial electronics sector would benefit much from the e-world development, positively powered by the deployment of 5G technology and other new innovations. Trio Group’s current EMS business development has concentrated in four major areas – new energy vehicles (“NEV”) charging, energy storage system (“ESS”), medical equipment and smart vending system (or generally referred to as smart kiosks). The daily lives of the world’s citizens will be embraced by this digitalization progress. It is quite certain that within a decade or two, we will be greatly surrounded by Internet of Things (“IOT”), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), etc. We are already operating in a digital world of a foundation stage and more quantum leaps are on the way. Trio Group is well prepared to working closely with our counterparts to capture opportunities in the new era.

Lai Yiu Wah
March 2021